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A Testimonial about the FlowCam Student Equipment Grant from the 2016 Recipient, Nick Ray

Nick Ray FlowCam Student Grant Recipient 2016Yokogawa Fluid Imaging Technologies is pleased to announce the return of our Student Equipment Grant Program in 2020. Learn how to apply to win the use of a free FlowCam to conduct your research more quickly and efficiently. Keep reading below to learn about one student's experience participating in the program in 2016.

Nick Ray (pictured here) received the FlowCam Aquatic Research Student Equipment and Travel Grant in 2016 as a member of the Fulweiler Lab at Boston University. Nick used the FlowCam “to investigate phytoplankton community structure at oyster habitats in Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island, and to test how oysters may exert bottom-up control on phytoplankton communities by changing nutrient availability.”

Here's what Nick had to say about the program: “Being able to use a FlowCam for a whole summer allowed me to generate a lot of data that contributed to my dissertation work, and helped an undergraduate student complete a Senior Thesis at Boston University [learn more here]. As part of the grant, Fluid Imaging also funded my attendance at the Coastal Estuarine Research Federation conference in 2017, where I got to share this work and meet other scientists in my field. The FlowCam was easy to use, and everyone I interacted with at Fluid Imaging was incredibly friendly and helpful!” Nick and his colleagues are aiming to submit one of the manuscripts from their FlowCam research this summer for publication.

Today, Nick is a coastal ecologist and biogeochemist and recently completed his Ph.D. at Boston University where his research focused on understanding the role of oysters in changing nutrient availability in coastal ecosystems, and the impacts of these changes. When he is allowed to travel, Nick will be starting a postdoc at Stockholm University. To read more about how Nick used the FlowCam during his grant period, check out our blog.

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