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Yokogawa Recognized for Commitment to Global Sustainability


One of the many reasons we at Fluid Imaging Technologies were excited to join the Yokogawa family of companies in 2020, is their commitment to sustainability and the environment.

The FlowCam was invented in the 1990s to study plankton in ocean water and quickly expanded its applications to drug development and life science. Our commitment to science and the health and safety of our planet and global community is the thread that has held our company together since its founding.

Late last year, Yokogawa was recognized by the CDP (a global non-profit that drives companies and governments to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, safeguard water resources and protect forests) for their climate change leadership. The year before, Yokogawa was first recognized for their leadership in water security, making the company now holders of a double A score from the CDP. Yokogawa both supplies environmentally-friendly product solutions to its customers, as well as working toward the corporate goal of net-zero emissions by the year 2050. Read the full content of the press release below:

Yokogawa Electric Corporation announces it has been recognized for leadership in corporate sustainability by global environmental non-profit CDP, securing a place on its prestigious A List for tackling climate change, as well as acting to protect water security – two of the three environmental themes covered by CDP. Out of the 5,800+ businesses that were evaluated, Yokogawa is one of a small number of companies to achieve a double A score. This serves as clear evidence of the global leadership that the company has demonstrated through its setting of ambitious targets, action, and transparency in measures that seek to address climate change and water security risks.

CDP’s annual environmental disclosure and scoring process is widely recognized as the gold standard of corporate environmental transparency. In 2020, over 515 investors with over US$106 trillion in assets and 150+ major purchasers with US$4 trillion in procurement spend requested companies to disclose data on environmental impacts, risks and opportunities through CDP’s platform. Over 9,600 responded – the highest ever.

A detailed and independent methodology is used by CDP to assess these companies, allocating a score of A to D- based on the comprehensiveness of disclosure, awareness and management of environmental risks and demonstration of best practices associated with environmental leadership, such as setting ambitious and meaningful targets.

Hitoshi Nara, president and chief executive officer of Yokogawa, commented, “In addition to being recognized for water security last year, we are honored to have been also included in this year’s A List for climate change. As we all know, climate change is having an increasingly serious impact on our earth, as evidenced by the rising frequency and severity of weather-related natural disasters. Through our sustainability efforts, we will continue to join hands with the global community to tackle issues such as resource shortages and climate change.”

From implementing the control systems at Japan’s largest wind farm to supplying the monitoring systems for a key water transmission pipeline in Saudi Arabia, Yokogawa continues its relentless pursuit of the goals of achieving net-zero emissions, making a transition to a circular economy, and ensuring the well-being of all by 2050, thus making the world a better place for future generations.

Paul Simpson, chief executive officer of CDP, said, “We extend our congratulations to all the companies on this year’s A List. Taking the lead on environmental transparency and action is one of the most important steps businesses can make, and is even more impressive in this challenging year marked by COVID-19. The scale of the risk to businesses from climate change, deforestation and water insecurity is enormous, and we know the opportunities of action far outweigh the risks of inaction. Leadership from the private sector will create an ‘ambition loop’ for greater government action and ensure that global ambitions for a net zero sustainable economy become a reality. Our A List celebrates those companies who are preparing themselves to excel in the economy of the future by taking action today.

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