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Welcome Back, 2X! Particle Analysis Size Increased To 1 mm for FlowCam 8000 Series & FlowCam Cyano

Our flagship product released in 2002, the FlowCam VS imaging flow cytometer, could optionally be outfitted with a 2X objective which touted a maximum particle analysis size of 1 mm. When the FlowCam 8000 Series was released in 2016 and replaced the FlowCam VS, a 2X objective was not available and maximum particle analysis size was reduced down to 600 µm. 

We're excited to announce the 2X objective is now available with the FlowCam 8000 Series and the FlowCam Cyano, increasing particle analysis size back up to 1 mm. This is ideal for those studying colonial algae such as Microcystis and Phaeocystis, microzooplankton and phytoplankton simultaneously, or those performing floc analysis at water and wastewater treatment plants. 

Lake Stechlin zooplankton imaged on FlowCamA sample from Lake Stechlin, Germany, imaged on a FlowCam 8000 using a 2X objective.

If you would like to upgrade your FlowCam 8100, 8400, or Cyano to include a 2X objective, please contact us to learn more. 

If you're looking to analyze particles larger than 1 mm, the FlowCam Macro can analyze particles sized 300 µm to 5 mm. 


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