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VisualSpreadsheet and 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance: Meeting Regulatory Requirements with the FlowCam

ViSP 5 for web pageVisualSpreadsheet 5 image analysis software (ViSp 5) represents a new platform for FlowCam data organization. Introduced in 2019, our upgraded software moves away from a simple hierarchy of folders and instead utilizes a database structure.

Biopharma labs working in drug development will be excited to learn about the module for fully-integrated compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 regulations mandated by the US FDA.

Among many other features, ViSp 5 is able to:

  • Manage unique user IDs and passwords for all users
  • Manage all users at 3 levels: Administrator, Supervisor, User
  • Require Supervisor-level approval for a variety of actions
  • Record all actions in a time-stamped audit trail that can not be altered
  • Protect records against accidental modification or deletion
  • Ensure accuracy, reliability, and consistent intended performance
  • Detect invalid or altered records

To learn more about how VisualSpreadsheet can provide you with the 21 CFR compliance you require, please contact our Customer Care team by clicking below.

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