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Using dynamic imaging to monitor HAB in the Gulf of Mexico

Adam Boyette University of Southern Mississippi using FlowCamThere is a large harmful algal bloom (HAB) that began off the western coast of Florida and has slowly spread throughout the Gulf over the past few months.

We're pleased to learn that University of Southern Mississippi scientist Adam Boyette uses a FlowCam dynamic imaging particle analysis instrument to characterize the phytoplankton community and monitor HAB.

Along the Gulf coast this year, it has been unseasonably hot and dry. The winds have also been calm. This provides ideal conditions for HAB to proliferate and form dense aggregations. With cooling temperatures, the growth rates of these phytoplankton should decrease. The increasing amounts of rain and wind recently should cause these HAB patches to break up, diluting the extreme concentrations, which will hopefully mitigate the harmful effects on Gulf of Mexico ecosystem.  Read the full article Plankton Portal >>

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Topics: Harmful Algal Blooms, Aquatic Research