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UNE Student Presents FlowCam Research at New England Estuarine Research Society Fall Meeting

Tessa Rock with FlowCam_summer 2019-1Tessa Rock, a junior at the University of New England (UNE), will be presenting her undergraduate FlowCam research at the New England Estuarine Research Society (NEERS) virtual fall meeting on Wednesday, October 21 as part of a session titled “Particles, Plants and Plastic”.

Tessa’s talk will focus on her novel, baseline research to document and measure phytoplankton populations in Biddeford Pool, a tidal inlet in southern Maine.

To residents of southern Maine, Biddeford Pool is a local spot known for its fishing, boating, beaches and birdwatching. The tidal waters of the “Pool” are also home to many well-known fish and shellfish, such as Atlantic sturgeon, clams and mussels. However, no prior research has examined the diversity and abundance of the phytoplankton populations that form the base of the Pool’s food web.

Tessa will discuss how she has used UNE’s FlowCam VS-IV to build a baseline database of phytoplankton in the Pool. She will also cover results of her research on the impact of different tidal stages on phytoplankton concentrations at various locations.

If you would like to attend Tessa’s talk and/or learn more about next week’s NEERS meeting, you can view the full agenda and register here: http://newenglandestuarineresearchsociety.wildapricot.org/Meeting-Overview

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