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Top FlowCam Studies for Biopharmaceuticals

Flow Imaging Microscopy (FIM) has emerged as an essential tool and an increasingly common approach in analytical labs for the quantification and characterization of particles in biotherapeutics. The body of scientific research using FlowCam technology to analyze biotherapeutic samples is continuing to grow and expand. 

These publications not only demonstrate the utility of FlowCam in biotherapeutic development and manufacturing but highlight exciting new applications for FlowCam such as artificial intelligence-based particle analysis as well as cell and gene therapy development.

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Automated Liquid Handling to Streamline Your FlowCam Workflow

The new ALH for FlowCamTM Automated Liquid Handling system is ready for deployment in your lab. Automated liquid handlers (ALHs) use robotics to perform sample processing and analysis with minimal human intervention. Automation reduces the time and effort required from operators to process samples and offers improved repeatability, safer lab operation, and increased productivity.  

ALH for FlowCam provides unattended analysis of up to 384 samples and is compatible with all new and existing  FlowCam 8000 series instruments, FlowCam LO, and FlowCam Cyano.  The ALH offers flexible hardware and a configurable deck platform that allow the instrument to meet each user's specific workflow requirements, including sample preparation such as mixing, dilution and heating/cooling, as well as instrument cleaning. 

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FlowCam 2021 Grant Winner, Zabdiel Roldan Ayala, Presents Research at Ocean Sciences Meeting

Each year the FlowCam Aquatic Research Equipment & Travel Grant is awarded to two recipients: a graduate-level researcher and an undergraduate faculty member to enrich a particular course or to support a student doing independent research. The winners each receive a FlowCam instrument to use for up to 4 months, plus remote training, technical support, software licenses, and funding to present at a major scientific conference.

The 2022 FlowCam Aquatic Research Equipment & Travel Grant is now accepting submissions. Learn more about the program and how to apply at the link above.

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Meet FlowCam Nano: Submicron Particle Imaging and Sizing

We’re excited to announce the next-generation FlowCam Nano! The newest member of our FlowCam instrument family detects and images particles between 300 nm and 2 µm—the smallest objects visible by light microscopy.

FlowCam Nano can be used to determine the types of submicron particles present in samples, such as biotherapeutic particles or aggregates, drug delivery vehicles, bacterial cells, and other nanoparticles of interest. If not addressed, many of these smaller particles are prone to agglomeration into larger subvisible and visible particles. FlowCam Nano may be used to identify and mitigate these smaller particles before larger ones will form. Other species like bacterial cells inherently exhibit a size near or below the lower size limit of FlowCam 8000 and will only be detected by FlowCam Nano.

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FlowCam Customer Methodologies to be Presented at the 2nd Annual Virtual Harmful Algal Bloom Research Symposium

In early January, the Algal Bloom Action Team, a collaboration of water professionals, researchers, and educators from twelve states in the North Central Region of the United States is hosting its 2nd annual Virtual Harmful Algal Bloom Research Symposium. Team members include the national network of Water Resources Research Institutes (WRRI), the North Central Region Water Network, and university extensions within each state in the North Central Region. The free-to-attend symposium will bring together researchers from across the US to present and discuss the latest developments in HAB research and outreach. Presentations will cover four different topics:

  • HAB Monitoring and Ecology
  • Cyanotoxin Treatment and Detection
  • Forecasting and Modeling HABs
  • Emerging Technology for Detecting and Monitoring HABs
Virtual Harmful Algal Bloom Research Symposium 2022
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2021 - The FlowCam Year in Review

2021 was a year that brought many changes to all of us. Among the most significant for the FlowCam team was the return to traveling for demonstrations, installations, training & services, and in-person conferences. Given the success of our remote training options, we continue to offer online training via FlowCam University and individual virtual demonstrations and training.  

Pictured at left, Applications Scientist Stephen Barton trains a team of new FlowCam users.

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FlowCam at the Water Professionals Conference in Chattanooga, Tennessee

In August, our FlowCam team attended our first in-person drinking water conference since the onset of the pandemic: the Kentucky/Tennessee Water Professionals Conference in Chattanooga, Tennessee. We met drinking water and wastewater professionals from around the region, ranging from small utilities to state agencies.

Pictured right: Savannah Judge presenting on the water quality monitoring program developed by the City of Wichita Falls in Texas 

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FlowCam with Light Obscuration is Now Available

While analysis with light obscuration is standard, the FDA has long made clear that size data alone, collected with light obscuration, is not adequate to ensure safe and effective drugs. Orthogonal methods such as flow imaging microscopy are necessary to provide validation.

With the FlowCam LO, the first and only light obscuration (LO) instrument with imaging capabilities is now available. This easy-to-use instrument delivers a powerful, all-in-one solution to meet compliance standards while allowing verification with high-resolution images.

Explore our new technology in the video below.

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Yokogawa Fluid Imaging Technologies Named One of 2021 Best Places to Work in Maine

Yokogawa Fluid Imaging Technologies was recently named to the list 2021 Best Places to Work in Maine. The statewide survey and awards program are designed to identify, recognize, and honor the best places of employment in Maine, benefiting the state's economy, its workforce, and businesses.

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Welcome Becca, FlowCam Sales Support Specialist

We are happy to welcome Becca Mimmovich to the FlowCam Team. Becca is our new Sales Support Specialist, and she will serve as liaison between our field sales team and the office to streamline the quote generation process and other pre-sales activities.

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