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Top FlowCam Studies for Biopharmaceuticals

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Flow Imaging Microscopy (FIM) has emerged as an essential tool and an increasingly common approach in analytical labs for the quantification and characterization of particles in biotherapeutics. The body of scientific research using FlowCam technology to analyze biotherapeutic samples is continuing to grow and expand. 

These publications not only demonstrate the utility of FlowCam in biotherapeutic development and manufacturing but highlight exciting new applications for FlowCam such as artificial intelligence-based particle analysis as well as cell and gene therapy development.

We are continually reviewing the literature where FlowCam is utilized for essential and innovative studies in the field. The research included in our most recent list showcase novel FlowCam applications in biotherapeutic development. They also highlight the overall importance of FlowCam-based particle monitoring strategies in the development of safe, effective biotherapeutics. The evidence produced by these authors with FIM technology can demonstrate not only the utility of FlowCam as a particle characterization tool but can also suggest new applications for the technology in your research.

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