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Grit Characterization Analysis for Wastewater Treatment Plants

grit particles in wastewater imaged by FlowCamIncorporating grit characterization analysis into your wastewater treatment plant design is critical for optimal grit removal. Grit threatens effective treatment through abrasion and accumulation; poor grit removal leads to process inefficiencies and increases electricity costs.
Envirotec published an article about the importance of grit removal. Grit accumulates in channels, pipes, primary tanks, digesters, wears out pumps, valves and other mechanical equipment, reduces the effectiveness of energy recovery, and reduces the quality of final effluent with a risk of exceeding pollutant limits.
Particle size is an important criteria, but characteristics like shape and specific gravity can also affect grit particle settling velocity.
Particle analysis data from the FlowCam can be used to correlate the flow of wastewater treatment systems in near real-time and can be used as an early warning system and help prevent critical upsets.
Click on the link below to download our free Wastewater Treatment Brochure and learn how the FlowCam can be used to image and analyze grit particles in your wastewater treatment plant. 
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Topics: Municipal Water (Drinking/Wastewater), Aquatic Research