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Summer 2018 Highlights from our Technical Services Team

Fluid Imaging Technologies Applications Scientist Heather Anne Wright

Heather Anne Wright, MSc, is Fluid Imaging Technologies' Applications Support Manager. She works with customers directly on application and method development, instrument and software training, and laboratory services. 


 FlowCam Nano Training

In late August, I had the pleasure of working with our international sales and rep team Kenelec Scientific in Melbourne, Australia to deliver primary training for a new FlowCam Nano instrument. The end-user (customer) was a team of R&D scientists at a Biopharmaceutical company. In less than 1 year our team has delivered primary FlowCam Nano training to scientists all over the world who wish to characterize proteins, silicone oil and particulates below 1 micron in size.

Advanced 2-Day Workshop

Our team hosted a successful on-site 2-day workshop for our customers in the Industrial/Biopharma application areas. We offered workshops this summer to individuals as well as teams. Based on the interest, we plan on offering these intensive, hands-on training and methods courses in the future. Please contact our team for more information: customercare@fluidimaging.com

Novel Applications

We’re excited to release some upcoming new FlowCam applications this year! There’s been a tremendous interest in using FlowCam technology to identify microplastics in environmental samples. In conjunction with several researchers and our laboratory, we are optimizing a method to use FlowCam instruments in routing monitoring samples. We’ve also revisited some staining applications to determine viability and lipid analysis. Stay tuned for exciting new applications!

Can you FlowCam it?

This year we asked our customers whether they could FlowCam it? Our laboratory PAS (Particle Analysis Service) team receives samples from all over the world. The question invariably becomes – can we run this on the Flowcam? Let us help you answer this question. If you’ve got something that you’ve never run on a FlowCam instrument, or if you just need technical support with optimization, contact a member of our laboratory services department: laboratory@fluidimaging.com and we can help you FlowCam it!

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