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Meet our Intern: Joe Nolan

Joe Nolan, a resident Mainer, comes to Fluid Imaging Technologies from Tufts University where he is entering his third year in the Mechanical Engineering program.

Joe’s interest in engineering began in middle school with dreams of becoming an architect. During the summer of his junior year of high school, he enrolled in the “Consider Engineering” program at the University of Maine. This was when his passion for design and construction really took off. He entered the course with an interest in civil engineering tempted by the task of stress-testing (i.e. exploding logs), but ended up on the mechanical engineering course.  One thing lead to another, and it was his fascination with the construction and building of physical things that landed him in the mechanical engineering school at Tufts.

Joe Nolan 2017 Summer Intern Fluid Imaging Technologies

Here at Fluid Imaging Technologies, Joe will be responsible for developing an assembly manual for a new FlowCam instrument to be released this summer. Part of this process will involve deconstructing the instrument and reassembling it.

As Joe says “Something you don’t really associate with engineering is not only how to efficiently construct something, but also how to describe the system to someone who is not familiar with the parts or the physics behind it.” 

Joe will continue his studies this fall and plans to utilize his degree for renewable energy or aerospace engineering. His motto? “Work your hardest and see where it takes you.”

Welcome aboard Joe, we're glad you're here. 

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