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Meet Fluid Imaging's Sales Team!

Fluid Imaging FlowCam Sales TeamIf you've spoken to anyone at Fluid Imaging, it's probably been one of our salespeople. Our five sales reps come from diverse backgrounds with varied interests and market specialties. No matter your FlowCam application, we have someone to help you! 

Read on to get to know those voices on the phone...



Harry Nelson

Harry Nelson Plankton Tow Fluid ImagingHarry Nelson is our Vice President for Aquatic Sales. He's excited to begin his 15th year here at Fluid Imaging and has greatly enjoyed observing the 'evolution' of the FlowCam over that period of time. 

With a BA in Environmental Studies from Colby College and a Master’s in Business from the University of New Hampshire, his work at Fluid Imaging combines his love and background in the natural sciences with his business acumen.  He is grateful to be able to work with many of the world’s top aquatic scientists, providing them with a tool to help further our understanding of aquatic microbial ecology.  He feels lucky to live and work in Maine with the natural beauty of our state’s lakes, mountains, and coastline.


Frances Buerkens

Frances Buerkens Fluid Imaging

Frances Buerkens, Sales Rep for Aquatic Markets, holds an MBA in Operations Management and a BS in Agriculture and Natural Resource Management. Thanks to her agricultural background, she understands how water quality problems are created. As a FlowCammer, she works with customers to monitor and manage source water, addressing concerns about the cyanobacteria and algae populations that proliferate largely as a result of agricultural fertilizers.

Water has always been central to Frances’ life. She was raised on a Virginia farm where the spring ran dry during summer droughts. She and her family hauled drinking water from mountain springs an hour away to provide sufficient water to drink, cook, clean, bathe, and support the livestock on the farm. Water should not be taken for granted – and we must refrain from polluting that which we wish to drink.

When she’s not working, you will find her cooking Szechuan style Chinese food or hiking in New England’s rugged White Mountain National Forest.

Camilo DenBrok

Camilo DenBrok Fluid ImagingCamilo DenBrok is Fluid Imaging's Director of Sales for International Markets. He has been with the company for 6 years and has been working with particle analysis systems for more than 25 years. He has a degree in mechanical engineering and brings that background with him when working with customers to help them understand the FlowCam technology and the importance of particle imaging and analysis.



Dave Hamel

Dave Hamel Fluid Imaging

Dave Hamel, our Director of Sales for the Eastern US is based out of Boston and has a BS in Business Administration and Finance from Northeastern University. 

Dave has many years of experience as a sales executive and has spent much of his career specializing in bringing new products to market. He has also focused on developing direct sales teams and distributor networks for several device manufacturers, including a Fortune 500 healthcare company. In this vein, Dave works closely with our network of domestic distributors in a variety of markets.

In his spare time, Dave is an avid fisherman, photographer, and history buff.

Steve Bowen

Steve Bowen Fluid ImagingFluid Imaging recently welcomed back Steve Bowen as Director of Sales for the Western U.S. & Canada. Steve is a former employee of Fluid Imaging and is excited to be back in a new role. He has an MS from Stanford University and a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Utah, as well as extensive experience in software and instrumentation sales. He also speaks fluent Japanese!

Steve has spent the better part of the last 17 years working in the oil and gas industry beginning at Nabors Industries. While there he managed an engineering department that developed the hardware and software for the real-time capture and satellite transmission of drilling instrumentation data for access using web-based applications. He looks forward to bringing this expertise with him to his work with FlowCam customers in the oil and gas industries.

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