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Measuring Sphericity & Aggregates of Powders Dispersed in Fluids

This year, in lieu of their annual conference and exhibition, Powder & Bulk Solids hosted a virtual conference: The Powder Show: Digital Flow.

Steve Bowen, Yokogawa Fluid Imaging Technologies Director of Sales, presented a short webinar at this event, titled "Measuring Sphericity & Aggregates of Powders Dispersed in Fluids". The talk is still available to view, alongside other presentations, on The Powder Show website.

Watch the webinar now

Flow Imaging Microscopy (FIM) provides in-depth characterization of particles in powders dispersed in fluids, whether aqueous or oil based. In this presentation, attendees can learn about the technology behind FIM and understand the advantages it offers over volumetric techniques such as laser diffraction or dynamic light scattering. The discussion involves advantages and limitations of various methods and provides metrics on how to evaluate different particle characterization methods based on specific needs and goals. Application examples from the food industry involving corn starch and whey permeate samples are be presented and discussed.

Corn starch images 1 - ethanol

Pictured above: Corn starch aggregates in ethanol

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