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Maine algae community to capitalize on growing business opportunities

FlowCam aboard aquatic research vessel
While aquafarmers in Maine have been harvesting seaweed for nearly 80 years, for a variety of uses and products, in recent years wild harvests have not been able to meet market demand for some species. The Maine Technology Institute (MTI) has stepped in to provide $50,000 to help form a Maine “algal cluster” that would include those involved in both macroalgae and microalgae to help the industry take advantage of a growing market. The funds awarded under MTI’s cluster initiative program will “encourage innovation and foster growth of a sustainable, ecologically sound and profitable algal industry in Maine.”

On the microalgae side, Maine-based National Center for Marine Algae and Microbiota (NCMA) is an invaluable resource for the algae community around the globe. As a leading distributor of marine microalgae for science and industry, the NCMA has sold its cultures to more than 2800 customers in 58 countries. NCMA’s Algal Culturing Techniques Course teaches students how to identify marine algal strains using on-board analysis systems such as Maine-based Fluid Imaging Technologies' FlowCam.

Image courtesy Algae Industry Magazine.com

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