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Introducing the FlowCam Aquatic Image Galleries

We are happy to announce that we have made available curated galleries of our favorite aquatic images from around the world, in a variety of applications. Are you curious what your water samples would look like when analyzed on the FlowCam? Check out all of the images in our galleries, or peruse below for a sampling of what's available. This is only a small sampling of what the FlowCam is capable of; please contact us if you'd like to see more.

View FlowCam Image Galleries

Marine Organisms

Marine Organisms FlowCam Collage-1

Freshwater Organisms

Freshwater Organisms FlowCam Collage

Marine HABs

Marine HABs FlowCam Collage

Freshwater HABs

Freshwater HABs FlowCam Collage

Algae Cultures

Algae Cultures FlowCam Collage


Zooplankton FlowCam Collage


Miscellaneous FlowCam Collage

Do you have unique or interesting FlowCam images you'd like to share? Email us at marketing@fluidimaging.com, and we'd be happy to add your images to our gallery.

Topics: Algae Technology, Marine Research, Freshwater Research, Harmful Algal Blooms, Municipal Water (Drinking/Wastewater), Aquaculture, Aquatic Research