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Detecting Contaminates in Stormwater Runoff with Hydro International

Contaminates in stormwater runoff that feed into our waterways are a leading cause of environmental pollution. Hydro International (a UK company with a local facility just down the road from Fluid Imaging in Portland, Maine) analyzes the content of stormwater and wastewater in order to provide solutions that
prevent contamination utilizing machinery, cleansers, and filters.

stormwater wastewater flowcam

In 2008, with a grant from the Maine Technology Institute, Hydro International was able to purchase a FlowCam. (Hydro International's FlowCam pictured at left)Hydro International FlowCam

In multiple method studies performed by Hydro International, it was determined that the FlowCam was successful at providing statistically relevant data alongside images that allowed HI to differentiate between particles like clean sand and wastewater grit. With this new tool at their disposal, HI was able to analyze samples brought to them by their clients and determine the size and type of contaminates that needed to be mitigated against. They could then make the proper recommendations on what types of machinery and filters were necessary to improve the clients’ water supply.

“We use the FlowCam and the data it collects to differentiate ourselves from the competition”
- Andrew Gwinn, Senior Product Engineer, Hydro International

Read and download the complete case study here:

Download the Hydro International Case Study


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