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Greater Cincinnati Water Works Uses FlowCam Cyano to Monitor Source Water

IMG_3852Applications Scientist, Kay Johnson has spent this week in Cincinnati training new FlowCam users at the Greater Cincinnati Water Works (GCWW) on their new FlowCam Cyano. GCWW is located on the Ohio River across the water from Kentucky. They will be using the FlowCam Cyano to count and categorize cyanobacteria and other phytoplankton populations both before and after treatment.

GCWW previously used manual microscopy to analyze water samples, but this process was laborious, and required highly trained personnel to ID plankton species. With the FlowCam they will be able to produce reports more quickly, and more employees will be empowered to use the FlowCam, due to VisualSpreadsheet's ability to automatically categorize organisms.

Pictured here are (top row) Kay Johnson, Norman Payne, Tracy Kump, and (bottom row) Paul Rossman, and Tricia Klonicki. GCWW employees are able to apply FlowCam training toward the continuing education hours required for their profession.

Topics: Harmful Algal Blooms, Municipal Water (Drinking/Wastewater), User Spotlight