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Fluid Imaging Welcomes Professor Natasha Barteneva

On Friday our team welcomed a visit from Professor Natasha Barteneva from Nazarbayev University in Astana, Kazakhstan. Several years ago, Dr. Barteneva approached us with interest in setting up a Flow Cytometry laboratory for Nazarbayev University. With her unique position as a research scientist at Harvard University and Faculty Professor at Nazarbayev, she facilitated a grant for their university.  The rest, as we say, is FlowCam history.Natasha Barteneva Nazarbayev University Fluid Imaging Technologies visit

From this early relationship came a fundamental publication that highlights the FlowCam platform and methodology and that our team still frequently references during FlowCam training: Imaging Flow Cytometry: Methods and Protocols (Barteneva & Vorobjev, 2016). This book has been a valuable learning tool for many aquatic scientists.

Natasha is currently a professor with several students that are using the FlowCam in their research. Her visit was invigorating for our team and it was exciting to learn how she and her students are using their FlowCam!

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