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FlowCam Workshop - Baltimore MD- 11/16/16

Identification and Classification of Aquatic Microorganisms:

Please join Fluid Imaging Technologies at the Institute of Marine & Environmental Technology: MPR #2038 - University of Maryland, 701 East Pratt Street Baltimore - from 10am - 2pm on Wednesday November 16th .

This hands-on workshop will feature a 20 minute presentation of FlowCam applications that include sample preparation, data aquisition and processing strategies.  Attendees are encouraged to bring cultures, freshwater or marine samples to run on the FlowCam.

FlowCam applications include:

  • Identify and enumerate phytoplankton and micro zooplankton
  • Monitor cyanobacteria and nuisance algae as well as taste and odor algae in source water
  • Characterize particles with fluorescing probles: lipid analysis, FISH probes & cell viability
  • Analyze sediment: tephra particles, marine foraminifera, paleolimnology
  • Monitor contaimination in cultures and track biovolume, concentration & cell size distribution
gulf of maine plankton imaged by FlowCam

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