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FlowCam Nano wins MAMe Innovator of the Year

MAMe Innovator of the Year award Fluid Imaging TechnologiesThe Innovator of the Year award recognizes a Maine manufacturer who is creating game-changing ideas, processes, products, services and business models. Companies who were nominated have created new and fresh products in the past year, have had a positive effect on their business, industry or community through their innovation, and have embraced impressive technology to achieve their innovation.

Fluid Imaging Technologies was awarded the Innovator of the Year award for their new FlowCam® Nano imaging instrument. The FlowCam Nano was conceived years ago out of a vision for a disruptive improvement in the limited resolving power of a standard air objective flow imaging microscope.  Through the unique combination of oil immersion microscopy, a blue LED, along with a higher power objective (40x), the FlowCam Nano can detect and image particles in the nanoparticle range, something not previously possible.

 Kent Peterson was on hand to accept the award at the summit. “We are thrilled to have been selected as the winner of the Innovator of the Year,” he said. “We’re grateful to be based in Maine and to have access to a world class workforce that can provide the R&D, manufacturing, sales and customer support for an instrument of this caliber. We’ve already sold it to customers in the U.S. and E.U. and look forward to continued growth.”

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