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FlowCam Nano Earns Pharma Innovation Award

FlowCam Nano earns Pharma Innovation AwardWe are proud to announce that our FlowCam Nano has earned the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing 2018 Pharma Innovation Award.  Honored in the category of Analytical and Monitoring Devices, the FlowCam Nano particle analyzer is recognized as the industry's first ever flow imaging nano particle analyzer that provides digital images of particles ranging in size from 300 nm to 10+ µm.

Profiled in the August issue of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, the FlowCam Nano was selected by the editors and reviewers of the trade magazine for its practical and technical merits in pharmaceutical innovation.“In biopharma, the growing application of single-use plastic devices warrants a greater awareness of micro- and nanoparticles that could potentially be shed from these devices,” says Chief Content Director Karen Langhauser. “Our editors recognized that the FlowCam Nano offered a much-needed improvement in the limited resolving power of a standard flow imaging microscope — giving users the unique ability to image and characterize nanoparticles in real-time.”

The FlowCam Nano automatically detects, images and characterizes micron- and sub-micron size particles such as the protein agglomerates, silicone oil droplets, glass shards, and other opaque, translucent and transparent particulates that may contaminate therapeutic protein formulations. Since traditional particle analyzers based on light obscuration, dynamic light scatter, Brownian motion and the Coulter Principle lack these abilities, the FlowCam Nano may serve as an invaluable companion to USP<788> compliance testing methods for particulate matter, according to the published profile.

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