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FlowCam for the Continuous Improvement of Manufacturing Process: A Case Study

UHMWPE Plastic Particles imaged by the FlowCamA client in the biopharmaceutical market recently learned how the FlowCam is perfectly suited to visualize translucent plastic particles that may enter into their production process. They were frustrated with traditional microscopy that was not effective at visualizing microparticles. They turned to the FlowCam to troubleshoot their manufacturing process and were able to compare old and new data sets allowing for continuous improvement.

FlowCam allows this company to visualize small, translucent particulates that could not be seen with traditional light microscopy. Not only visualization, but quick quantification and replication. Our client wanted to quantify the number and size of any subvisible particles.  They needed an instrument that could provide a clear edge gradient, and could serve to isolate particles from the background while providing consistent counts and sizing.

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Topics: Industrial Applications, User Spotlight, Biopharmaceutical Research