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FlowCam for Semi-Automated Algae Analysis

How do you analyze algae populations? Algae analysis is simplified using the FlowCam®'s image analysis software VisualSpreadsheet®. While manual identification may still be required for taxonomic purposes, algae identification and population analysis can be achieved with little effort using this system. 

Build Algae Libraries

As you analyze samples on the FlowCam, you can build libraries for individual algae taxa. VisualSpreadsheet uses algae morphology and machine learning to detect and correctly classify samples into libraries.  

Classify Algae Using Libraries 

When you save your user-built filter sets as libraries, you can take advantage of VisualSpreadsheet's classification feature which provides automated algae identification. Every time you run a new sample through the FlowCam, each algal cell imaged is compared against these libraries. Statistical pattern recognition algorithms identify which library the algal cell most closely resembles, and assigns it to that classification.

Learn more about VisualSpreadsheet, or the FlowCam for phytoplankton and zooplankton analysis. Read articles, customer profiles, and peer reviewed research about how the FlowCam has been used for semi-automated algae analysis. 

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