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FlowCam for Oil in Water Particle Analysis

How do you perform Oil in Water analysis? Flow Imaging Microscopy provides more comprehensive data than laser diffraction, beyond just count and size data, using particle images and morphological analysis. The FlowCam's image analysis software VisualSpreadsheet is equipped with an algorithm specifically designed for the petroleum industry to quickly and easily analyze the Oil in Water content. This algorithm:

  • Produced water oil and solids imaged by FlowCamCalculates volumetric concentration in PPM.Total volume of oil and suspended solids are separately added together particle by particle.
  • Calculates mass-based concentration in mg/L.
    Enter the specific gravity of both oil and solids to calculate.
  • Determines average emulsion droplet size, average droplet count, and average solids volume over particle size ranges.
    Particles are analyzed individually for emulsion droplets and solids content, providing detailed information on agglomerated particles and their associated volume per particle.
  • Displays interplay between different types of emulsions.
    Differentiate between emulsion types using a color camera.

Baker Hughes has successfully used the FlowCam for produced water analysis and published their method in Fuel (December 2018). 

Download FlowCam 8000 for Oil and Gas Brochure



Interested to see if the FlowCam suits your needs? Visit our FlowCam for General Industry page, or send us a sample to analyze in our lab. We'll give you the results and walk you through them via webinar.  

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