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FlowCam at IFPAC 2022: Presenting Technological Innovations in Flow Imaging Microscopy

IFPACIFPAC, the International Forum for Process Analytical Chemistry, holds an annual conference that brings together scientists working in Process Analytical Technologies, QbD, Process Understanding & Control, and Real-Time Analytics. Professionals in these fields meet in person to discuss the latest trends and get ideas for the future of the industry. Research is presented in applications ranging from biopharmaceuticals to chemicals to food and beverage.

YFT and YCA at IFPACAt this year's conference, held in June in Bethesda, Maryland, Yokogawa Fluid Imaging Technologies teamed up with our colleagues from Yokogawa Corporation of America to showcase new FlowCam innovations alongside the BR1000 Advanced Control Bioreactor System

In addition to interacting with our customers in the exhibit hall, Dr. Sigrid Kuebler presented on "Advances in light obscuration and flow imaging microscopy techniques for subvisible particle analysis" as part of the session on Particles in Biologic Drug Products. Her presentation covered recent innovations in flow imaging microscopy (FIM) technologies and how combining different FIM measurements with complementary particle analysis techniques can comprehensively characterize particle aggregation in biotherapeutics over a wide size range.

New instrumentation presented at the conference included FlowCam LO and FlowCam Nano. For your chance to see FlowCam in person and learn more about new FlowCam products, make sure to visit our calendar of upcoming conferences and trade show appearances.

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