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Extending the Limits: Oil Immersion Microscopy

The ability to characterize particles has always been of utmost importance to protein scientists. Until recently flow imaging microscopy has offered imaging data to acquire size, shape and other morphological information used to differentiate protein aggregates (ranging in size from 2 µm to 5 mm) from other particles in a given formulation.

Protein Agglomerates NIST 40X FlowCam NanoNIST protein agglomerates as imaged with 40X oil immersion Nano-Flow Imaging system.

The size limitation of 2 µm was based on the Abbe resolution limit of an air objective optical system.  With the introduction of an oil immersion flow imaging microscope, the resolution can be approximately 10 times better.  Read about the new technology and application of oil immersion microscopy to flow imaging in this article recently published by American Laboratory May 2018, and online at Labcompare 

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