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Detecting Glass Shards in Protein Therapeutics

Glass shards imaged by FlowCamLew Brown has added to his ongoing work on thresholding in particle imaging. He recently published a poster at the 2015 Colorado Protein Stability Conference entitled, “Glass Shard Detection in Protein Therapeutics Using Dynamic Imaging Particle Analysis".

Dynamic Imaging Particle Analysis (DIPA) technology is being increasingly used for characterization of other transparent intrinsic particles in biologics such as protein aggregates. Lew's poster details an investigation of using DIPA technology in order to detect glass shards in a protein therapeutic, along with the protein aggregates.

The data shows that through a combination of threshold levels and neighborhood analysis it's possible to detect glass shards in protein therapeutics. In the past this is something that has not been possible with light obscuration or even other DIPA systems. This is great example of the real power of imaging particle analysis over traditional volumetric-based systems.

FlowCam Light and Dark Thresholding Whitepaper


Topics: Protein Therapeutics, Biopharmaceutical Research