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Copepod as seen in video mode on a FlowCam

On a recent visit to the Coastal School for Girls in Freeport, Maine for a classroom demonstration of the FlowCam, we captuted this video. This feisty little copepod is roughly 500µm in size. The FlowCam was operating in video mode at the time.


We have quite a few customers that use the FlowCam to study copepods, like Hans H. Jakobsen, Ph.D, a senior researcher in the Department of Bioscience, Marine Diversity and Experimental Ecology at Aarhus University in Denmark, for example.

Much of his work involves the study of grazer interaction among plankton organisms, but he's now working on a small project with his colleagues at neighboring Roskilde University where they will follow the dynamics in copepod rearing tanks. 

You can learn more about Dr. Jakobsen and his work in this earlier blog post.

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