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Combination Marine Sciences and Law Degree Offered by UNE and Maine Law

UNE Maine Law logoThe University of New England and the University of Maine School of Law announced that they are offering a combined fast-track Marine Sciences Law Degree to be completed in only 6 years. 

The new UNE Marine Affairs - Maine Law 3+3 Pathways Program, as it is formally known, will offer UNE undergraduates majoring in marine affairs the option to apply to Maine Law in their junior year. If accepted, students can use their successful completion of their first year of law school as a substitute for their final undergraduate year.

The partnership between UNE and Maine Law is very exciting as it offers incentive for motivated college applicants to come to Maine for this specialized combination degree.  Currently, Maine Law is one of only 6 schools nationwide offering Marine and Maritime Law, while UNE is one of only 4 that offers a BS in Marine Affairs.

The combination degree will address a critical market need. "Marine affairs is a fast-growing discipline, and law plays an increasingly important role in the field," says UNE President James Herbert. Given the current environmental climate and need for research and preservation of our natural resources, this combination degree is good news for everyone.  Read about Congressional Request for HAB Funding in 2020 and beyond.

Read the full story at UNE's website.

Details on the Marine Affairs - Maine Law 3+3 Pathways Program 

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