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Educating the Drinking Water Community: Workshops at the AWWA Water Quality and Technology Conference

1_Frances workshopThis year's AWWA Water Quality and Technology Conference in Dallas, Texas, kicked off with a pre-conference workshop focused on tracking, identifying, and predicting treatments for algae and cyanobacteria blooms. Despite the fact that the workshop was on a Sunday (and an hour from the conference location in Dallas), there was a fantastic turnout from drinking water utilities across the country and beyond.

Utility managers and operators came from as far as California, Virginia, Canada, and American Samoa to learn strategies for avoiding cyanobacteria and taste and odor events in their municipalities, and to see the FlowCam in action.

Pictured below: FlowCam Cyano with a VisualSpreadsheet® collage showing common freshwater cyanobacteria: Microcystis and Anabaena

FlowCam Cyano benchtop w. collage

Frances Buerkens ran a workshop session on the FlowCam Cyano that attracted over 20 attendees. After brief introductions, Frances dove into the FlowCam Cyano by running a sample from a FlowCam user in Texas. The presentation highlighted how the FlowCam identifies and quantifies cyanobacteria and other algae (such as filter-clogging diatoms and taste and odor producers), and the opportunity to use libraries to rapidly identify problem-causing organisms.

A key takeaway for workshop attendees was seeing how to export management reports in VisualSpreadsheet, giving FlowCam users the ability to run samples and determine if they have a problem in 15 minutes or less.

In addition to the FlowCam demonstration, participants had the opportunity to attend three other sessions that focused on algae and cyanobacteria taxonomy, real-time cyanobacteria monitoring using probes, and modeling cyanobacteria and toxins using a predictive treatment model called CyanoTox. Together, all four of the sessions provided an overview of some of the tools that are available to identify and track algae and cyanobacteria blooms over time.

The rest of the conference was also a success - we got to hear from multiple customers having success with the FlowCam, meet many utilities in need of a solution, and learn about new trends in the industry. 

4_Frances edu sessionPictured above: Frances educating conference attendees on the FlowCam in the exhibition hall

If you missed us at WQTC this year, but are interested in sending us a sample to run on the FlowCam, visit this page to get in touch with our Lab Services staff: https://www.fluidimaging.com/laboratory-services

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