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Boston University Student Thesis Features FlowCam Data

Nick’s research focuses on how oysters regulate biogeochemical cycling in their environment

Congratulations to Nicholas Ray from the Fulweiler Lab at Boston University for completing his PhD. and presenting his thesis seminar 'virtually' on Monday, March 23rd. Nick’s work focuses on how the restoration of oyster reefs affects coastal nutrient cycling and greenhouse gas emissions, and drew an audience of over 100 people. We have had the privilege of getting to know Nick in the years since he received a Fluid Imaging Student Research & Travel Grant in 2016.

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Educating the Drinking Water Community: Workshops at the AWWA Water Quality and Technology Conference

This year's AWWA Water Quality and Technology Conference in Dallas, Texas, kicked off with a pre-conference workshop focused on tracking, identifying, and predicting treatments for algae and cyanobacteria blooms. Despite the fact that the workshop was on a Sunday (and an hour from the conference location in Dallas), there was a fantastic turnout from drinking water utilities across the country and beyond.

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