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Studying the Effects of Seasonal Water Differences on Microplankton in the Southeastern Arabian Sea

A research group with CSIR-National Institute of Oceanography in Kochi, India (https://www.nio.org/), has used the FlowCam® to provide new evidence that temporal changes in the coastal waters of the Southeastern Arabian Sea (SEAS) cause size and structure changes in micro-plankton communities. Nutrient-rich coastal areas typically produce large-sized phytoplankton, and nutrient-depleted waters tend to produce smaller phytoplankton. These variations in plankton size can impact the food web, and therefore the economics of the area, where fishing is an important socioeconomic activity. 

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20 Years of FlowCam Applications

What CAN'T be run through the FlowCam? The list below shows the majority of substances that have been imaged and analyzed on the FlowCam over the course of our 20 year history. Is your application on the list? If not, send us a sample, and we'll add it! Keep reading below to learn more about some of our favorite applications.

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Our Most Popular Blog Posts of 2019

We use our Flow Imaging Microscopy blog as a platform to bring you relevant news and academic research, as well as highlighting developments and new uses of FlowCam technology. This year we published 68 blog posts on a large variety of subjects. Keep reading to see the countdown to the most popular post of 2019.

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The FlowCam Cyano for automated analysis of algae and cyanobacteria

Based on proven FlowCam® technology, the FlowCam Cyano automatically identifies cyanobacteria from other algae and particles in aquatic samples. Using a patent-pending combination of excitation wavelength, phycocyanin fluorescence measurement, and image recognition software, the system automates what was previously done using manual microscopy. After differentiating the cyanobacteria from the other algae in the sample, VisualSpreadsheet and Advanced Classifier software can be used to further characterize specific types of algae found in the sample using 40+ physical parameters. 

Keep reading to view our new video and see the inner workings of the FlowCam Cyano, as well as a detailed demonstration of VisualSpreadsheet's automated classification process.

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Fluid Imaging Technologies Celebrates the Holidays New England Style

We kicked off this holiday season with a Fluid Imaging party held at a candlepin bowling alley - candlepin bowling is unique to eastern Canada and New England - and most of us struggled to figure out the rules - but that didn't stop us from enjoying ourselves! 

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Flow Imaging Microscopy Reveals Particles Missed by DLS and NTA

The problem of protein aggregation and presence of extrinsic particles in biopharmaceutical formulations is not a small one. With the improvement of particle analysis technologies, developers are discovering that drug impurities and protein aggregation occur at multiple phases of formulation development, production, and quality control. The goal is to ensure the production of pure and safe biologics that can be shipped and delivered to patients, ensuring their health and safety. 

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Color vs. Black and White: How to Choose a FlowCam Camera

While most imaging particle analyzers only offer gray-scale (black and white) cameras for image acquisition, the FlowCam offers a choice of either gray-scale or color cameras. This post will explain the difference between these two camera choices, and discuss the inherent trade-offs that should be considered when choosing which camera to use. The summary of recommendations can be found in Figure 1 at right. Keep reading to learn the technology behind this important decision.

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Fluid Imaging Welcomes Savannah and Gina!

Please welcome aboard two new team members at Fluid Imaging Technologies: Savannah Judge and Gina Angelo.

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Happy Halloween from Fluid Imaging Technologies!

At Fluid Imaging Technologies, we work hard...and we play hard! This year's Halloween celebration included much FlowCam-themed silliness, a potluck lunch, and a costume contest! 

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FlowCam on the Road: Where to See Us This Fall (Aquatics Edition)

Our Aquatics Team is on the road! Here's where you can find us in the month of November:

November 3-7: AWWA Water Quality and Technology Conference

November 3-8: 10th US Symposium on Harmful Algae

November 11-14: 39th International Symposium of the
North American Lake Management Society

Harry, Frances, and our new Sales Coordinator, Savannah, are psyched to see you. And don't forget to bring a water sample to be analyzed in our booth!

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