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Color vs. Black and White: How to Choose a FlowCam Camera

FlowCam Used to Detect CyanoHABs in African Fish Farms

FlowCam Part of GlobalHAB Symposium Intercomparison Study

FlowCam Service Plans - Which Plan is Right for You?

Yokogawa Fluid Imaging Technologies Named One of Maine's Best Places to Work

FlowCam Goes West: A Visit to Breckenridge, Colorado

Fiber Analysis with Flow Imaging Microscopy

McCrone Associates Adds FlowCam to their Suite of Analytical Instruments

Using FlowCam Macro to Evaluate Spatial Distribution of the Copepod Calanus finmarchicus in the Fram Strait

FlowCam at IFPAC 2022: Presenting Technological Innovations in Flow Imaging Microscopy

Nantucket User Groups Share FlowCam to Monitor Water Quality at Shellfish Hatchery

Introducing VisualAI: Integrated Artificial Intelligence for FlowCam

Optimizing Distance to Nearest Neighbor to Improve Particle Capture

Joint Aquatic Sciences Meeting Brings FlowCam Users Together to Share Research

Announcing the 2022 FlowCam Aquatic Grant Winner

Meet FlowCam's Dedicated Sales Team

Purdue University Uses FlowCam Nano to Study Atmospheric Aerosols' Effect on Climate Change

Our FlowCam Team Tours the Aquaculture Facilities at the University of New Hampshire

5 Key Benefits of Automating Flow Imaging Microscopy

Water Quality Monitoring Workshop to be Offered at AWWA ACE Conference

Obtaining Accurate Concentration Data with FlowCam

Recent Notable FlowCam Studies in Aquatic Research

Meet FlowCam's World Class Customer Care Team

FlowCam Education an Important Part of 2022 Joint Aquatic Sciences Meeting

FjordFlux Cruise Uses FlowCam to Analyze Glacier Particles and Assess Effects of Climate Change

Top FlowCam Studies for Biopharmaceuticals

Automated Liquid Handling to Streamline Your FlowCam Workflow

FlowCam Demonstrates Degradation of Protein Formulations After Transport in IV Bags via Hospital Pneumatic Tube System

FlowCam Measures Size of Zooplankton in China's Three Gorges Reservoir

White Paper: FlowCam Nano Provides Early Detection for Biotherapeutic Degradation and Contamination

Preventing Embolism from Medical Implants by Using FlowCam Imaging Particle Analysis

The Importance of Correct Aperture Settings in Submicron Particle Imaging

Characterization of Protein Aggregates and Other Particles in Biopharmaceuticals

Announcing our 2022 FlowCam Aquatic Grant Program

FlowCam 2021 Grant Winner, Zabdiel Roldan Ayala, Presents Research at Ocean Sciences Meeting

FlowCam Imaging: Spanning the Range from Submicron to Subvisible to Visible Particles

New Applications for FlowCam in Biotherapeutic Development

Meet FlowCam Nano: Submicron Particle Imaging and Sizing

FlowCam Customer Methodologies to be Presented at the 2nd Annual Virtual Harmful Algal Bloom Research Symposium

2021 - The FlowCam Year in Review

FlowCam Cyano is Part of a Proactive Water Quality Monitoring Effort

FlowCam for the Characterization of Abrasive Compounds

Confederated Tribes of Coos, Lower Umpqua, and Siuslaw Indians Integrate FlowCam into Environmental Stewardship Programs

Community Groups Take HAB Monitoring Into Their Own Hands, Recognize Need for Formal Strategic Guidelines

Comparing FlowCam Results with Light Obscuration: A Study by Japan's National Institute of Health Sciences

Austin Water Uses FlowCam to Detect Harmful Algal Blooms

FlowCam at the Water Professionals Conference in Chattanooga, Tennessee

FlowCam with Light Obscuration is Now Available

New FlowCam Technical Notes: Using Preservatives with Phytoplankton Samples

Yokogawa Fluid Imaging Technologies Named One of 2021 Best Places to Work in Maine

FlowCam Used to Study Algae Cultures: Training New Users on Gran Canaria

FlowCam and the BR1000 Together at BioProcess International Boston

Morphological Filter Discrimination of Particulates in Injectable Therapeutic Formulations

FlowCam Education: Our Visit to Hurricane Island

FlowCam Used to Study Intravitreal Anti-VEGF Drugs: Particle Burden and Protein Aggregates

Greater Cincinnati Water Works Uses FlowCam Cyano to Monitor Source Water

Bioprocessing Summit in Boston this Week - Discussions on Quality & Stability of Biologics

Welcome Becca, FlowCam Sales Support Specialist

FlowCam - Flow Imaging Microscopy (FIM) Guides Forced Degradation of Cell-based Medicinal Products (CBMP)

FlowCam at the National Marine Educators Association (NMEA) Conference

Successfully Detecting Algal Blooms with Flow Imaging Microscopy

Research Paper Uses FlowCam to Study Protein Aggregation in Intravenous Drugs Resulting from External Stressors

Using FlowCam and Machine Learning to Classify Microcystis at the Genus and Species Levels

Welcoming New Members to the FlowCam Team

Wishing Goodbye and Good Luck to FlowCam and Fluid Imaging Founding Fathers, Kent and Chris

2020 FlowCam Grant Winner Presents at US Symposium on Harmful Algae

City of Worcester Will Integrate FlowCam Cyano for Proactive Water Quality Monitoring

Water Quality of the River Stiemerbeek in Belgium: a FlowCam Case Study

Zabdiel Roldan Ayala of Queens College Awarded 2021 FlowCam Aquatic Research Equipment & Travel Grant

Central Arkansas Water Named Recipient of the First FlowCam Drinking Water Equipment & Travel Grant

Why Size and Shape Matter: Perspective on the Acquisition of FlowCam by Yokogawa

Our Team is Growing with the Addition of Two New Members: David and Scott!

FlowCam Reveals Silicone Oil Droplets and Other Particulates in Intravitreal Injections (IVIs)

VIMS Uses FlowCam to Study HABs to Fulfill their Research Equipment Grant for Graduate Students

Yokogawa Recognized for Commitment to Global Sustainability

Detecting Subvisible Particles in Protein Therapeutics

Insight into the Effects of the 2010 Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill on Phytoplankton in the Gulf of Mexico

2021 FlowCam Aquatic Grant Program is Ready for Launch

Effects of Monsoon Flooding on Microplankton Communities in Kochi Backwaters of Western India: a FlowCam Study

Over 1000 FlowCam Instruments, in More Than 60 Countries, and on Every Continent: Making the World a Safer Place.

Maine Maritime Academy Completes First FlowCam Equipment Grant for Undergraduates

Eliminate Taste-and-Odor Events With Cost-Effective Algae Control

Using Flow Imaging Microscopy to Assess Properties of Pollutive Dryer Lint

Quality Control on the FlowCam Cyano

Using Flow Imaging Microscopy to Enhance Particle Analysis of Printer Toner

FlowCam Can Assess Cell Viability Using Fluorescein Diacetate (FDA) Stain

Yokogawa Fluid Imaging Technologies Named One of the Best Places to Work in Maine for the Third Year

Tackle Taste and Odor with Proactive Water Quality Monitoring

UNE Student Presents FlowCam Research at New England Estuarine Research Society Fall Meeting

Measuring Sphericity & Aggregates of Powders Dispersed in Fluids

Join us at the NAPIM Fall Technical Conference next week

Expanded Marine Taxonomic Libraries for the FlowCam

FlowCam Used for Analysis of Diazotrophic Organisms in High-Nitrogen Water

An Integrated Approach to Monitor Taste and Odor Producing Cyanobacteria: a Webinar

New Tools and Opportunities in Subvisible Particle Analysis

Announcing the 2020 Winner of the Undergraduate FlowCam Student Equipment Grant: Maine Maritime Academy

Announcing the 2020 Winner of the FlowCam Student Equipment Grant for Graduate Students: Savannah Mapes

FlowCam Used for Particle Morphology Analysis in Manufacturing of Bimodal Metal Powder at Cornell University

Introducing the FlowCam Aquatic Image Galleries

Machine Learning Helps Characterize Antibody Aggregation Using FlowCam (Flow Microscopy) Images

Hunting Energy Services Uses FlowCam for Manufacturing and R&D Fluid Cleanliness Measurement

FlowCam 8000 to Help Iowa State University Researchers Gain Further Understanding of Particle-Bacterium Interactions

Flow Imaging Microscopy (FIM) Coupled with Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) Demonstrates Reliable Method to Characterize and Identify Impurities in Cell Based Medicinal Products (CBMPs)

An Update on the Tara Ocean Project

At Home with the FlowCam in the COVID-19 Era

Insight Into the FlowCam's Role in India's Biopharmaceutical Market

A Testimonial about the FlowCam Student Equipment Grant from the 2011 Recipient, Karen Kayfetz

A Testimonial about the FlowCam Student Equipment Grant from the 2016 Recipient, Nick Ray

A Testimonial about the FlowCam Student Equipment Grant from the 2015 Recipient, Keara Stanislawczyk

5 Companies That Specialize in Imaging Technology

New Streamlined FlowCam Supports Shellfish Aquaculture

Fluid Imaging Technologies Acquired by Yokogawa Electric Corporation

Top Research Studies Comparing the FlowCam to Light Microscopy

Boston University Student Thesis Features FlowCam Data

Using FlowCam to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Magnetic Ionic Liquids in Isolating Foodborne Pathogens

Aker BioMarine Purchases FlowCam for use on Krill Harvesting Vessel - Antarctic Endurance.

VisualSpreadsheet and 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance: Meeting Regulatory Requirements with the FlowCam

U-Medico Uses FlowCam to Assess Drug Stability Using Tapered Needles vs. Cylindrical Needles

FlowCam on the Road: Where to See Us This Spring (Biopharma/Industrial Edition)

West Pharma Uses FlowCam for Early Drug Development

FlowCam on the Road: Where to See Us this Winter and Spring (Aquatics Edition)

Boston University Students use FlowCam to Analyze Oyster Habitats from Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island

Studying the Effects of Seasonal Water Differences on Microplankton in the Southeastern Arabian Sea

20 Years of FlowCam Applications

FlowCam for Characterization of Column Packing Material

Our Most Popular Blog Posts of 2019

The FlowCam Cyano for automated analysis of algae and cyanobacteria

Answering Your FAQs about Analyzing Microcystis with the FlowCam

Fluid Imaging Technologies Celebrates the Holidays New England Style

FlowCam Particle Analysis for Food and Beverage Characterization

Flow Imaging Microscopy Reveals Particles Missed by DLS and NTA

Educating the Drinking Water Community: Workshops at the AWWA Water Quality and Technology Conference

Maine BioScience Day and the FlowCam at Scarborough Middle School

Machine Learning Technology May Help Doctors Identify and Treat Blood Infections in Newborns More Quickly

Fluid Imaging Welcomes Savannah and Gina!

Happy Halloween from Fluid Imaging Technologies!

FlowCam on the Road: Where to See Us This Fall (Aquatics Edition)

Using the FlowCam to Study Harmful Algae Blooms Around Sanibel Island, Florida

FlowCam Identifies Transparent Particles Shedding from Medical Devices

On Board with the BLOOM Educators Program

Celebrating 20 Years in Business: Special Delivery of New FlowCams to Bigelow Labs

Detecting Contaminates in Stormwater Runoff with Hydro International

Fluid Imaging: One of Maine's "Best Places to Work"!

FlowCam at Bigelow Labs: Flow Imaging vs Manual Microscopy and the study of HABs

What is that Algal Bloom in Casco Bay?

Saving Lives with the FlowCam - the Race to Identify Potentially Fatal Bacteria

Welcoming our Distributors from Around the World to Maine

FlowCam can assess effects of mechanical stress (aggregation) on protein formulations in syringes resulting from hospital transportation systems.

KISR Uses FlowCam to Study Plankton in the Persian Gulf

How Does the FlowCam Work?

Fluid Imaging Welcomes Professor Natasha Barteneva

FlowCam Compares Favorably to MFI and Light Obscuration: Collaborative Study by Japanese Biopharmaceutical Consortium

FlowCam Tracks Larval Oysters with Goals of Population Restoration

Norwegian Research Group Studies Krill in Antarctica using the FlowCam

Welcome, Steve and Sarah! New Team Members at Fluid Imaging

UNE Researchers Use FlowCam to Study Engineered Proteins

Effects of Microplastics on Maine Lobster: New Maine Sea Grant Awarded to Bigelow Lab

FlowCam for Semi-Automated Algae Analysis

FlowCam for Oil in Water Particle Analysis

Welcome Back, 2X! Particle Analysis Size Increased To 1 mm for FlowCam 8000 Series & FlowCam Cyano

FlowCam How-To Videos on YouTube

File Processing Mode Enables Users To Reprocess Files and Adjust Camera Settings After The Fact

FlowCam Provides Visualization of Lycopodium Plant Sporoderm Microcapsule Degradation in Human Blood Plasma.

My Travels with the FlowCam in Asia and the Middle East

Top 6 FlowCam Studies on Cyanobacteria

Top FlowCam Papers for Marine Research (Recent Publications)

Fluid Imaging Technologies Hires New Accounting Assistant

FlowCam Part of Integrated Approach to Eliminate Taste and Odor Events in Wichita Falls, TX

FlowCam Assists Harmful Algal Bloom Mitigation in Salmon Aquaculture

Better Cleanliness Testing of Hydraulic Fluid, Lubrication Oil, and Fuel with FlowCam

FlowCam Used in Study Comparing Particulates Shedding from Plastic vs. Glass Electric Water Kettles

Chemical Manufacturers Use FlowCam Imaging Particle Analyzer for Product Analysis

Advice From the Women of Fluid Imaging Technologies on Accessing and Thriving in STEM-related Fields

Paleolimnologists Use FlowCam for Microfossil Research

Combination Marine Sciences and Law Degree Offered by UNE and Maine Law

Congress Asks for Robust Funding in 2020 to Support Harmful Algae Research

Baker Hughes Study Demonstrates a New, Quick Method for Produced Water Analysis

Biotherapeutic Reformulation Achieved Through Extended Particle Analysis

Most Popular Flow Imaging Microscopy Blog Posts of 2018

Fooled copepods ingest dimethyl sulfide-infused microplastics

FlowCam for the Continuous Improvement of Manufacturing Process: A Case Study

New High-Throughput Method for Elastin-like Polymer (ELP) Coacervate Analysis

Atypical Manufacturer Thrives in Atypical Manufacturing Hub: Chief Executive Magazine Interviews Our CEO Kent Peterson

FlowCam Particle Analyzer for Printer Ink Pigment & Toner Quality Assurance

A Blueprint to Monitor Toxin-Producing Cyanobacteria With the FlowCam

Are Blue Mussels the New Microplastic Fiber Sink? A study by Bigelow Lab

FIT Welcomes Michelle Richards as Newly Hired Buyer

The Value of Flow Imaging in Quality Assurance for Drug Manufacturers

New Method for Meiobenthos Analysis Using FlowCam

Detection of Subvisible Particulates in Bioformulations to Ensure Safety

Climate Change and the Gulf of Maine as Discussed by President of Bigelow Lab

New Method for Cell Counting Microcystis Colonies Using Image Processing Method

Study by University of Alberta finds the FlowCam is a reliable and faster alternative to manual microscopy for cyanobacterial bloom monitoring

Fluid Imaging Welcomes New Technical Customer Support Associate Stephen Barton

Technological Advances Push Protein and Particulate Research Further: Insights from the 2018 Workshop on Protein Aggregation and Immunogenicity

$30 Million in New Grant Funding Awarded to Study Harmful Algae Blooms (HABs)

Japanese Consortium Assesses the Standardization of Flow Imaging Microscopy for Therapeutic Protein Regulations

Oil in water characterization by FlowCam dynamic fluid imaging

Dandelion Pollen: A Promising Drug Delivery and Microencapsulation Vehicle

FlowCam Aboard Arctic Ocean Vessel to Assist in Phytoplankton and Zooplankton Analysis during Northwest Passage