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20 Years of FlowCam Applications

What CAN'T be run through the FlowCam? The list below shows the majority of substances that have been imaged and analyzed on the FlowCam over the course of our 20 year history. Is your application on the list? If not, send us a sample, and we'll add it! Keep reading below to learn more about some of our favorite applications.

FlowCam Applications-Samples List - for blog

More than 500 FlowCams are used around the world for our longest running application: the study of phyto- and zooplankton by marine researchers.

Dauphin Island Sea Lab uses the FlowCam as part of their efforts to reestablish a flourishing population of oysters and oyster reefs in Mobile Bay, Alabama.

Flow Imaging Microscopy provides more comprehensive data than laser diffraction for the analysis of oil in water.

Pollen cells can serve as a potential drug delivery mechanism for different biopharmaceutical applications.

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