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FlowCam at the National Marine Educators Association (NMEA) Conference

Earlier this month, Savannah Judge, one of our Aquatic Markets Experts, co-presented with Kerry Whittaker and LeAnn Whitney of The Corning School of Ocean Studies at Maine Maritime Academy in Castine, ME. The topic of the presentation was "Use of high-throughput fluid imaging technology in the field-based undergraduate ocean classroom with FlowCam".

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Successfully Detecting Algal Blooms with Flow Imaging Microscopy

"After receiving hundreds of complaints, the City of Wichita Falls, Texas, developed a plan for monitoring harmful algal blooms to detect and mitigate taste and odor (T&O) compounds and cyanotoxins."

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FlowCam Research Paper Describes Protein Aggregation in Intravenous Drugs Resulting from External Stresses

There continue to be ongoing concerns about post-manufacture particulate formation in biopharmaceutical drug products. The stresses, which induce particle formation in IV infusion bags, are suspected to be related to the type of diluent (i.e., saline or dextrose).

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Using the FlowCam and Machine Learning to Classify Microcystis at the Genus and Species Levels

The FlowCam was recently used by a team led by Natasha Barteneva of Nazarbayev University to develop a method for the classification of Microcystis colonial morphospecies in samples obtained from a long-term mesocosm experiment (the AQUACOSM Lake Mesocosm Warming Experiment).

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Welcoming New Members to the FlowCam Team

Our team is growing! We are excited to welcome Shawn, Polly, and Kris to the FlowCam family. More open positions can be found on our Careers Page.

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Wishing Goodbye and Good Luck to FlowCam and Fluid Imaging Founding Fathers, Kent and Chris

Last Friday our team assembled at headquarters for the first time in over a year thanks to the COVID-19 vaccine rollout. We gathered to wish good luck and a happy retirement to our founder, Chris Sieracki, and our long time President and CEO, Kent Peterson.

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2020 FlowCam Grant Winner Presents at US Symposium on Harmful Algae

Savannah Mapes, 2020 winner of the #FlowCam Aquatic Research Equipment & Travel Grant for Graduate Students, presented her research at the US Symposium on Harmful Algae this May. Her poster is titled "Using a FlowCam to Facilitate HAB Cell Counts: Comparing Cell Enumeration Methods", and can be viewed in greater detail by clicking on the image below.

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City of Worcester Will Integrate FlowCam Cyano for Proactive Water Quality Monitoring

The City of Worcester, MA has purchased a FlowCam Cyano to help expand a volunteer water quality monitoring program. The effort is led by Jacquelyn Burmeister, a senior environmental analyst with the City's Lakes & Ponds Program. Together with several other local watershed associations, she helped organize a regional cyanobacteria monitoring collaborative that has recruited dozens of volunteers to help expand cyanobacteria monitoring in the area's recreational waters.

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Water Quality of the River Stiemerbeek in Belgium: a FlowCam Case Study

The FlowCam's European partner and distributor, Anasysta, recently shared a story with Yokogawa about a local project that uses the FlowCam to monitor water quality in the River Stiemerbeek. 

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Zabdiel Roldan Ayala of Queens College Awarded 2021 FlowCam Aquatic Research Equipment & Travel Grant

We are excited to announce that the first of two 2021 FlowCam student grant categories has been awarded to Zabdiel Roldan Ayala, a graduate student studying phytoplankton at Queens College's School of Earth and Environmental Sciences.

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