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FIT Annual Day of Service

To celebrate the founding of Fluid Imaging Technologies, every year the FIT staff dedicates one day in mid-September to public service. This year we celebrated 18 years by volunteering with the Cape Elizabeth Land Trust. 


The Cape Elizabeth Land Trust (CELT) is dedicated to the permanent conservation and stewardship of lands cherished by the Cape Elizabeth, Maine, community - from shore lands to marshes, from farmlands to woodlands - for the education, use and enjoyment of this and future generations. 

We spent the day landscaping the CELT headquarters and mitigating invasive plants at CELT's Robinson Woods. At CELT headquarters, we were tasked with improving the overgrown garden beds and creating wood chip-paved pathways around the site. We pulled weeds, pruned shrubbery, edged and mulched garden beds, and hauled and placed wood chip pathways. 


Aquatic Sales Manager Frances Buerkens pruning shrubbery at CELT's headquarters. 


(L-R) Production Technicians Jerry Brown and Jim Banker, and Technical Support Associate Heather Anne Wright hauling wood chips and mulch. 


Accounting Assistant Stephanie Terenzoni mulching garden beds. 

The second half of the day we pulled Black swallow-wort from Robinson Woods, a beautiful, wooded, public land in Cape Elizabeth. Black swallow-wort is an invasive perennial vine that commonly overtakes and chokes out other vegetation, and is toxic to mammals and insects, including the monarch caterpillar.

Team FIT at Cape Elizabeth Land Trust.jpgFIT team at CELT headquarters.

Join the FIT team on our next service day! 

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